Houston Laser Tattoo Removal
By Whitney Broach M.S., L.S.O.

6892 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77074

Houston Laser Tattoo Removal

To Whom it May Concern;

Whitney is working in association with our office and I have had the privilege to observe her work and its results on numerous occasions. She has developed a very artful way to effectuate permanent make-up procedures such as designing non-existing eyebrows or correcting imperfect ones, performing delicate eye lining or the contour of the mount. Whitney is extremely good at mixing pigments in order to achieve exactly the right color for his or her creation.

I have been particularly impressed by her creativity in camouflaging scars and birthmarks. Above all, in our office, we appreciate her high degree of professionalism that is manifested by her constant desire to achieve the most satisfaction possible in her patients. Whitneys constant dedication at trying to maintain herself at the avant-garde in her field by relentless research in improving or developing new techniques is another quality we appreciate.

In fact, I am convinced that if Whitney decided to dedicate herself entirely to the teaching of her craft, we would shortly be considered the best in the country.


Paul Wintle DesRuisseaux, M.D.

January 10, 2008


I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful, thoughtful, and caring you have been to my client, Roberto. He has just left for a new home, leaving his residential treatment center. I know that he appreciated your help more than words can say. We both appreciated your free time removing his tattoos, and there is no scarring at al. Thanks again for your help, you are a real blessing. Have a wonderful day.


Perry R.


February 18, 2008

Hola, mi nombre es Carmen, yo tenia un tatuaje de aproximadadmente 5 cm. en gluteo. Pero ahora gracias a Whitnie se ha logrado borrar el 90%. El tratamiento consta de 12 sesiones y dura de 15 a 20 minutos.  Ademas ella aplica anastecia local para disminiur el dolor. Me siento satisfecha con los logros que se ha obtenido hasta ahora porque no fue doloroso y rapida. Whitney es una expert removiendo tatuajes, ademas me senti confida porque yo se que ella tiene los mas modernos instrumentos.

Carmen G.


February 16, 2008

About a year ago I got a spur of the moment (kick yourself in the rear) tattoo on my wrist. Immediately after the ink had been added to my body, I knew it had to be either covered up or taken off. I had heard that laser tattoo removal was very expensive with each session costing a new fee. I went to a local tattoo shop and talked to an artist there about a possible cover up. After chatting with him he gave me Whitneys business card and told me that she is very affordable and highly recommended. After my first visit with Whitney my mind was put at ease and I knew that I was in good hands.  I was able to pay an upfront flat rate that included as many sessions as I would need and she even uses local anesthetic so there is no pain during the removal. I always enjoy my visits with Whitney, as she makes it so comfortable and relaxing. I know that for years to come I will look at my wrist and thank Whitney for me being able to see flesh-colored skin instead of a regretful tattoo!!!

Jessica R.


December 23, 2007

To the Readers of Laser Tattoo Removal:

My experience with Ms. Whitney has been very pleasant. On my first session the procedure itself was painless and I could see the ink start to fade. I recommend Whitneys tattoo removal because she is a professional and a good-hearted woman. I am still receiving treatments and my tattoo is almost completely gone. There is no scar because Whitney is so gentle with the laser. If you have or know someone with an embarrassing tattoo Ms.Whitney can turn back time and give you your natural beautiful body back.  The best price in H-Town fast results, no scar.

D. Rothrock
Satisfied Client


January 9, 2008

My experience with Laser Tattoo Removal is that the treatments are not painful. I went to a doctor to have my tattoo removed before I came to Laser Tattoo Removal and my results and lack of pain with Whitney are far superior. The tattoo artist scarred me when he made my tattoo and Whitney has removed the scar plus most of the tattoo. I am very happy with the results at Laser Tattoo Removal with Whitney Broach. I will continue to receive treatments until my tattoo is completely gone.

Raquel F.


Whitney Broach is greatly concerned about the comfort of her patients. She does locally injected anesthetic (not the worthless cream!) and this is included in her rates- not separate! And even the injections are almost painless. The machine Whitney uses is top of the line and (at the time I was receiving treatments) brand new. She uses multi-dye hand pieces and sets the power to treat the full spectrum of tattoo inks and colours. She is extremely cautious in order to prevent scarring. She would check my skin thoroughly prior to all treatment sessions, delightfully assuring me that I would have no scar (and I dont! *BIG SMILE*) Scar prevention, safety, and cleanliness are enormously important to Whitney Broach. She absolutely will not proceed with a treatment if anything is compromised.

Whitney Broach truly has a compassionate heart for her work, the people she treats, and everyone in the world we live in. She is one of the most generous and charitable people I know. The referral to Whitney Broach was a god sent gift and the friendship that grew during the process is a blessing.

Peace and Love,

Leisa K.


February 29, 2008

I just want to thank Whitney for helping me to get rid of my tattoo. I have only had one treatment so far and I can already see a difference. I can not wait until the final result.

Todd S.


December 30, 2007

My name is Quenton E. Charlot. I work for the Harris County Sheriffs Office in Houston, Texas. Whitney Broach made a great impact on my life through her laser tattoo removal. In 2005, I was in the process of applying to become a United States Secret Service Agent in Houston, Texas but I had a tattoo on my neck which I knew would taint my image as an applicant. The deadline to apply was slowly approaching so I decided to call the telephone number that I saw listed on a sign near a major freeway in Houston, TX. I was a sophomore at texas Southern University at the time and I did not own a vehicle. I was so desperate that I called Whitney at 9pm at night and we spoke about my situation. At first I thought all this was a money scam but something inside of me told me to trust Whitney. The next day Whitney Broach came to my college campus and picked me up and I met her wonderful husband Roger who assured me that his wife is an expert at what she does. Whitney removed my tattoo with only two treatments at a awesome price. Two weeks after my tattoo was removed, I was interviewed by a secret service agent. I credit Whitney with my boundless success because she is not only a dermalogist and a tattoo removal expert, but she is truly a blessing from God. Everyday since that day, Whitney and I have remained friends and we talk on a daily basis.


Detention Officer Quenton E. Charlot
Harris County Sheriffs Office


I have had a tattoo for over 55 years. The doctor I went to charged over $400 per session and all I got was pain, some scars, and very little removal success. I changed to Whitney Broach. Not only is she a lot less expensive, her treatments were painless and she repaired the damage from the first doctor. She offered a flexible schedule for treatments that met my needs, unlike my first doctor. My tattoos will soon be completely gone. If you are regretting your tattoo, I highly recommend Whitney Broach.

Joe S.


Dear Whitney Broach,

I am writing you this let to let you know that I am very glad of finding this program. I have been looking forward to removing this tattoo for several years now. I thought this day was never gonna come. Thanks to you and this program I am able to pay to remove this tattoo so that I can get a job. I had been rejected for good stable jobs and I assume that it was because of the tattoo. This is a good program for people who want to change their lives to better themselves.

Thank you,

Veronica T.


March 11, 2008

Great price, works around your schedule day or night. I am very happy with her work and highly recommend her.

Daniel W.


I have enjoyed being a patient of Whitneys since day one. She has made me feel at ease every time I come in for a treatment. I don’t know how I would have had this procedure if it were not for her. Thanks Whitney



A teacher’s reward is watching her students achieve academic success. To watch them reach their highest potential. But for some students, success in school can be difficult. For students who are at risk, of a minority, and/or underprivileged, the opportunity to achieve academic  and personal success is more often not available. They may make poor choices and turn to drugs or gangs to make up for what they lack in family stability or academics. So it is with great satisfaction to see students overcome obstacles to make changes in their lives.

One young lady began her transformation with a request. She came into my office and asked how she could remove her tattoos. A tattoo at one time gave her prestige among her gang members. Now that same tattoo made her ashamed and prejudiced her chances to start a new way of life. How fortunate we were to make contact with Mrs. Broach who did not hesitate to help my student. Not only did she agree to remove the tattoos, she did this service at no charge. She only requested that my student keep her appointments and do community service.

I can not begin to describe the changes in this young student! She is a member of the ROTC program and when she walked into my office this morning, I could barely believe my eyes! On her uniform shirt were rows after rows of ribbons and first place metals she has earned. Her smile and self confidence is as big as the dream she has for her future. I do believe a large part of this transformation was the simple removal of a tattoo.

Mrs. Broach, you have provided an invaluable service to our students. You have made a difference in this young person’s life and others we have referred to you. I can assure you that they desire to be positive and productive role models for others.

Thank you Mrs. Broach, for your time, understanding, and dedication to our deserving youth.

Mary B.
Community Liaison
Conroe Independent School District 

Dear Whitney:

I wanted to take a moment to write you and thank you for all the help you have given to people. You have been a true god-send. I have personally witnessed the power of restored hope in the eyes of the people that have been the recipients of your charitable work. Keep up the good work. You are doing much more that providing donations, you are giving people hope that their life can actually be turned around.

God Bless,
T. Dillard
Director of Ministry Development


If it were not for your program I do not know what could have been done to help Nick regain self-esteem that is currently missing due to his embarrassment of having a tattoo on his neck where it can not be covered up. I am again so grateful for the wonderful service your program has provided for people in situations such as Nicks and I hope the program can be expanded to help many more people.

G. Addison


Dear Mrs. Broach,

I am writing this letter because I am trying to join the army and have tattoos that prevent me from doing so. Since I was young I have always wanted to be in the military. I want the honor and pride that goes along with being a soldier. Since 9/11 I have found that I want it more than ever to be in the military and help fight in the war against terrorism. I love my country and everything it stands for and want to stand next to my American brother and stand up to the terrorists that try to destroy American beliefs. I am signing up for the infantry because I believe that if there are people fighting for me overseas I should be there helping to fight myself. I want the chance to become a soldier in the US Army and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I grew up in a single-parent family. My mother left me and my brother’s life at very young ages. My dad came to this country from Greece. We have struggled our whole lives, but my dad always made sure that there was food on the table. My dad is all for me joining the army but can not afford the cost of laser tattoo removal. Prior to hearing about this program I almost gave up but thanks to the help of Whitney Broach I now have a more optimistic look on my chances on tattoo removal and getting into the army.

S. Sader


March 20, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

Mrs. Broach has performed contract laser tattoo removal services at our clinic for five years. She is a very hard and tireless worker with skills and experience in her work. She also assists us in nursing on occasion. she is very well liked by her patients since she provides them with superior service satisfaction. Whitney assists her attorney husband in legal work and performs medical analyses of injury cases for him. Her medical background is exhibited in her certifications.

We find her to be a team player with excellent people skills and very loyal. I would recommend her for any position for which she is qualifies and is applying.

Thank you very much.

M. Zahiruddin


I’ve known Whitney Broach for several years and consider her to be the foremost expert in laser tattoo removal out of anyone in the Houston area. I have seen several patients treated by her and the results are excellent. She is a compassionate and dedicated professional who truly cares for her patients.

D. Berryhill
Medical Solutions



Mrs. Whitney Broach has been performing laser tattoo removal at our clinic. The clinic is changing ownership, and the new owner may not offer cosmetic services.

Whitney Broach has been an excellent addition to our clinic. She makes her own appointments, provides her own supplies and laser, and maintains very complete and accurate charts on each of her patients. She works very well and cooperates fully with the other medical personnel at the clinic. Whitney is helpful to the other medical personnel and is liked by them.

She keeps her appointments with her patients and has a very high rate of patient satisfaction. She has had no malpractice claims. While she has been at our clinic, the clinic and/or physicians have received letters of appreciation and thanks from the people who made referrals to her.

Her skills at using the laser is superior for removing scars, tattoos, hyper pigmented  skin lesions, roseacea, and other lesions. She is extremely skilled at experienced in laser tattoo removal, she requires no direct medical supervision.

Since she is a certified laser safety officer with the Texas Department of Health, it is not necessary for other personnel at our clinic to be concerned about the licensing and operation of the laser under applicable regulations.

Mrs. Broach is highly recommended for any position or arrangement for performance of laser tattoo removal and removal of other skin lesions.

D.De La Garza

April 20, 2008

It was some time ago when I came to Houston after Hurricane Katrina. After remaining her for some time I met a lady by the name of Whitney Broach. I located Mrs. Broach after doing extensive research trying to find someone who can perform laser tattoo removal in Houston. I had sought treatment at a medical school after having tattoo removal performed at a Dermatology clinic in New Orleans by medical students. After having several treatments performed I was still highly disappointed that there wasn’t much of a difference in the fading of my tattoo. After relocating to Houston, TX I did a little more research and found someone so much more knowledgeable. She was so informative about the treatment I would be receiving from her regarding the tattoo removal. I have to admit, after receiving a few treatments I have been extremely impressed by Whitney Broachs work. The tattoo is practically gone and only a few treatments left. I feel like I wasted a bunch of time and money on my previos treatments but now that I have found Whitney I am ecstatic about the results and look forward to continuing to receive her miraculous work.

Thank you so much Whitney.

Keisha T.