Whitney Broach M.S., L.S.O.
Board Certified Dermalogist

The Houston Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic is a medical laser clinic. We specialize in removing tattoos of all sizes and colors. If you want to remove it, we can make that happen.  We have been practicing skin care for 27 years and have completed over 400,000 medical contract laser procedures on the skin of private patients and have removed over 40,000 tattoos on the skin of patients of Whitney Broach. We are experienced at laser hair removal, laser vein removal, and intense pulsed light procedures .  Certified by the D.N.A. Institute of Facials  to perform an array of skin treatments including acid skin peels, Botox cosmetic injections, and the following laser surgery procedures: Hair removal, Elimination of enlarged pores, Skin rejuvenation, Elimination of stretch marks, Vitiligo elimination, Inflammatory acne elimination, Melasma elimination, Acne scar elimination, Removal of Solar Letigines, Permanent cosmetics, Removal of permanent cosmetics, Freckle (Ephelide) removal, Removal of Seborrheic Keratoses, Removal of Lentigo Simplex, Removal of Lentigo Senile, Removal of Cafe Au-Lait Spots, Removal of PIH, Removal of Becker's Nevi, Removal of Nevus of Ota, Removal of Blue Nevus, Vein Removal.   

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