Houston Laser Tattoo Removal
By Whitney Broach M.S., L.S.O.

6892 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77074

Houston Laser Tattoo Removal

Medical Work Experience:

Completed over 250,000 medical contract laser procedures on the skin of private patients. Removed over 30,000 tattoos on the skin of patients of Whitney Broach. Experienced at laser hair removal, laser vein removal, intense pulsed light procedures (over 5,000 procedures).

Certified D.N.A. practitioner

Certified by the D.N.A. Institute of Facials  to perform an array of skin treatments including acid skin peels, Botox cosmetic injections, and the following laser surgery procedures: Hair removal, Elimination of enlarged pores, Skin rejuvenation, Elimination of stretch marks, Vitiligo elimination, Inflammatory acne elimination, Melasma elimination, Acne scar elimination, Removal of Solar Letigines, Permanent cosmetics, Removal of permanent cosmetics, Freckle (Ephelide) removal, Removal of Seborrheic Keratoses, Removal of Lentigo Simplex, Removal of Lentigo Senile, Removal of Cafe Au-Lait Spots, Removal of PIH, Removal of Becker’s Nevi, Removal of Nevus of Ota, Removal of Blue Nevus, Vein Removal. 

Established a non-profit laser tattoo removal program for young people wishing to enter the military. Helped over 12,000 young people enter the military and the work force. (20 years)

Certified to teach physicians and nurses to use medical lasers.

Skin care practice for 20 years.

Certified on over 50 medical lasers for skin surgery and for other surgical procedures. Certified on Intense Pulsed Light Machines.

Managed all aspects of own preventive medicine clinics (seven clinics) for 18 years.

Created procedure for Vitiligo Camouflage.

Worked as a medical consultant.

Laser surgery experienced utilizing the KTP-YAG Laser by Laserscope. Performed laser surgery on a contract basis for area plastic surgeons. Performed laser surgery utilizing the Con-Bio laser (18 years experience).

Licensed as a Laser Safety Officer in the State of Texas.

Completed laser preceptorships with Board Certified Dermatologists, and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in California and Texas.

Completed private medical cases outside the United States on the areas of skin care and micropigmentimplantation.

Compounded a new topical anesthetic.

Licensed Emergency Medical Technician. Worked as an E.M.T. in high-risk situations in the inner city. Entered high crime projects without police escorts because police would not enter the projects due to the high risk and high homicide rate. Experienced at extrication, and driving an ambulance.

Was the only person on the hospital premise that functioned as as a physician at night. Served as an extern at three large metropolitan hospitals of a large city. Physicians were not required by state law at the time to staff a hospital at night. Starting at 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. on weekdays and for a 24 hour period on Saturdays and Sundays Whitney was responsible for the following: all admissions to the hospital, all emergencies, all deliveries of babies, all laboratory tests. She had to draw blood and then process the blood for C.B.C.’s, W.B.C.’s, Potassium, Co2 tests, and all other blood tests. She had to order the blood, test the blood for incompatibility, and complete all blood transfusions. Her duties included declaring people dead, all admit histories and physicals, all stat laboratory tests, all microbiology plating of body fluid samples etc. She performed every job of every person in the hospital except for the X-ray technician. She worked every third night or 24 hours if the night was on a Saturday or Sunday for three years. She was the first female extern and performed this job when she was in medical school beginning her sophomore year.

Translated medical documents from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish and translated in the hospital for Spanish-speaking people.

Earned National Honors in Medical Photography and Medical Illustrations through the American Medical association and SAMA-Eaton Drug Company. Displayed medical photographs and medical illustrations at the American Medical Association Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Delivered 50 babies.

Performed 23 autopsies in a large city’s Coroner’s Office

Worked in the Coroner’s Office as an honorary assistant coroner. Worked with the Police department and the Coroners Office gathering data for a book on Child Abuse that was written using the data. The information from the book on child abuse was used by the governor of the State of Louisiana to set up the Louisiana Child Protection Agency.

Responded to accident scenes and homicide scenes on behalf of the Coroners Office.

Worked in a pediatrician’s office in San Antonio attending rounds in the hospital, examining patients in the office, and observed emergency pediatric care.

Completed research for a mater’s thesis at the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks Air force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Completed cardiovascular and neurosurgery. 

Nonmedical Experience and Education:

Matriculated four years in medical school and earned a grade of 100 in Internal Medicine and a grade of 97 in Dermatology. Matriculated over one year at additional universities as a special student in medical degree programs and completed extra courses in Surgical Anatomy, and earned a masters’ degree Biology and Physiology. Completed two years of research and cardiovascular and neurological surgery. B.S Degree in Zoology. Completed three years of nursing school in the B.S.N. program.

Certified on over fifty lasers used for various procedures in the practice of medicine.

D.N.A. Practitioner.

Certified in Medical Micropigmentation and Dermalogy.

Board Certified Dermalogist.

Licensed as a Laser Safety Officer in the State of Texas.

Familiar with Ph and blood gas analysis. Completed computer programming for analog computers and reduce physiological data through the analog computer.

Proficient at using medical equipment, intubating patients, using infusion pumps, respirators, end-tidal carbon dioxide analyzers, and other medical equipment.

Minor surgical procedures associated with physiological experimentation and surgical implantation of chronic flow monitoring devices and flow probes.

Received United States Navy Certificate of Appreciation for Laser Tattoo Removal.

Completed over 4,000 hours of training in substance abuse, criminal justice course, drug and recovery courses, disaster training, and other courses through the United states Department of Justice.

Civil Deputy Sheriff for over 18 years. Attended the police academy for an initial course before being sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff. Completed firearms training and two weeks of law enforcement training every year for the 18 years to keep law enforcement license current.

Emergency Medical Technician License for ten years.

Case management training and disaster assistance training. Case Manager certificate earned.

Fluent in Spanish

Certified to teach at the University level in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Art, and Science.

Low security clearance earned to work on the behalf of a non-profit agency with FEMA.

Interviews, T.V. Programs, T.V. Specials on Laser Tattoo Removal and Non-Profit Laser Tattoo Removal:

-Has Appeared on Channel 2 (call letters) on numerous occasions

-Univision (channel), Houston, TX

-Channel 47 Telemundo for tattoo removal

-Over 10 special interviews

– Over 85 radio interviews nationwide

-Guest on Australia Today

-Guest on Japanese  T.V. show for tattoo removal

-Press conference with mayor Lee Brown in 2001

-Guest speaker on various nation-wide radio stations on medical subjects including vitamins and nutrition.

-Worked with Allison Recovery Initiative

-Numerous seminars and externships in laser tattoo removal with physicians in the United States.